FriCAS download page


Currently source tarballs and Linux, Mac OSX and Windows (Cygwin) binaries are available.

fricas-1.3.3-full.tar.bz2 is a "full" source tarball containing pregenerated Lisp files and images. To use it you need working Lisp compiler.

fricas-1.3.3.i386.tar.bz2 is 32-bit binary for i386 Linux. fricas-1.3.3.amd64.tar.bz2 is 64-bit binary for amd64 (x86_64) Linux. Binaries are _not_ specific to any distribution, they should work equally well on various distributions. Provided binaries were build using sbcl-1.1.1 and contain GMP support: if you have GMP installed on your machine FriCAS will use it, otherwise FriCAS will use slower routines provided by sbcl.

FriCAS-1.2.6-x86_64-macos10.6.tar.xz is 64-bit Intel Mac OSX application bundle. It was build using sbcl.

FriCAS-1.2.5-i686-cygwin.tar.xz is 32-bit binary for Windows (Cygwin). It was build using Cygwin Clisp.

Or you can use: Sourceforge download page



You need a working SVN command that supports the HTTP protocol. You can get a copy from subversion site

Read-Only Access

To get the mainline version of FriCAS just do

svn co svn:// fricas

This will put the sources in a directory named fricas. Note that you need to fetch dependencies separately. Also, SVN version contains only a few pregenerated files -- just enough to bootstrap.

You can browse SVN repository online Logo